Artist: Marine Ales
Album: Barefoot Over the Skies
Genre: Author songs
Release Date: 7 May 2010
Packaging Style: Digipack with box and booklet
1. My Kind Horace
(Sargis Manukyan)
2. Birds
(Erna Yusbashyan)
3. Passed Friends
(Gevorg Hakobyan and Cadence Ensemble)
4. With the Wings of Dream (improvisation)
(Jivan Gasparyan and Armen Babakhanyan)
5. Sometime
(Anna Mayilyan and Cadence Ensemble)
6. The Day Comes
(Lilit Pipoyan)
7. Horace
(Aleksandr Shoua)
8. Romance
(Anna Mayilyan and Cadence Ensemble)
9. The Passanger with no Ticket
(Sargis Manukyan)
10. An Old Trumpeter
(Erna Yuzbashyan)
11. With the Wings of Dream
(Gevorg Hakobyan)
12. My Loneliness
(Marine Ales)

Running Time: 50:00 minutes

This is the 5th songwriter album of Marine Ales performed with new interpretation of the old and beloved performances as well as new songs in Armenian and Russian languages by various artists. © 2010 Marine Ales