Artist: Geghard Vocal Ensemble
Album: Mystery Deep
Genre: Religious music
Release Date: 9 December 2013
Packaging Style: Digipack with box and booklet
1. Two Sharakans (hymns) from the Canon of the Great Lent
St. Mesrop Mashtots (IV-Vc.)
2. Three Fragments from the Great Hymns of Resurrection
Stepanos Syumetsi (VII-VIIIc.)
3. O Mystery Deep
Fragment from the Divine Liturgy, Khachatru Taronatsi (XIIIc.), arrangement by Komitas
4. The Word that Descended from the Eternal Father
Sharakan from the canon of the Deceased
Hakob Sanahnetsi (XIc.) arrangement by Yervand Yerkanyan
5. You Created in Your Image
sharakan (hymn) from the canon of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, attributed to Ashot Patrik Bagratooni (VIIc.), arrangement by Daniel Yerazhisht
6. The Wonderful Rising
sharakan from the canon of Theophany, St. Movses Khorenatsi (Vc.), arrangement by Yervand Yerkanyan
7. Morning of Light
Night service song, St. Nerses Shnorhali (XIIc.), arrangement by Yervand Yerkanyan
8. The Crucifixion Theme
Good Friday song, St. Nerses Shnorhali (XIIc.), arrangement by Yervand Yerkanyan
9. The Baptismal Pool was Founded This Day
song from the ceremony of Washing of Feet, St. Sahak Partev (IV-Vc.) arrangement by Komitas
10. Gandz (chanting sermon) from the Ceremony of Washing of the Feet
Mekhitar Ayrivanetsi (XIII c.), arranement by Komitas
- “This Mystery Was Fulfilled”/ “Lord, With Thy Grace”
- “Behold, Save of Sins”/ “My Heart Trembles”
11. Through the Intercession of the Virgin Mother
fragment from the Divine Liturdy, unkown medieval author, arrangement by Komitas
12. Lord, Have Mercy
fragment from the Divine Liturgy, Simeon Yerevantsi (XVIIIc.), arrangement by Makar Yekmalyan
13. We Worship You
sharakan (hymn) from the canon of the Green Sunday (secod Sunday after Easter), Barsegh Tchon (VIIc.), arrangement by Yervand Yerkanyan
14. Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem
sharakan (hymn) for the Easter, St. Nerses Shnorhali (XIIc.), arrangement by Komitas
15. ''Ay Aghjik'' and ''Tsaghik Ounem Narenji''
arrangement by Komitas
16. ''Yela Tanits''
arrangement by Komitas
17. ''Baghi Pate'' and ''Toun Ari''
arrangement by Komitas
18. Selected Folk Songs from Komitas' Arrangements
- “Esor ourbat e” & “Jour Kouga”/ “Rende”
- “Pouchour aghjik”/ “Gna, gna, hetid em”
19. ''Yaruk m' ounim'' and ''Matis Matniqe''
arrangement by Daniel Yerazhisht
20. ''Deriko''
arrangment by Karo Zakaryan
21. ''Inchoo Bingyole Metar''
arrangement by Komitas

Running Time: 60:00 minutes

This album of Geghard Ensemble, like the previous one, consists of Armenian sacred and folk songs.
The Armenian folk song art is the first from the three main branches of Armenian monodic musical culture and has a basic importance for the other branches. It reflects the main characteristics of Armenian musical mentality.
© 2013 Geghard Vocal Ensemble