Artist: Norayr Kartashyan and Van Project
Album: Live in Concert
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 14 May 2014
Packaging Style: Digipack with booklet
1. Back and Ahead
2. Dance of Trapizonians
(Tsovak Hambardzumyan)
3. My Nare Nare
4. Ani
(Norayr Kartashyan)
5. Dance of Sebastia
6. Hamshen Popuri
7. My Love Sona
8. Mountain Girl
9. Dance With Bobbins
(Khachatur Avetisyan)
10. To Father Komitas
(Norayr Kartashyan)
11. Madmoned Mona
12. Merik, Merik and Batola
13. Hoy Nar

Running Time: 76:00 minutes

The aim of the project was to present the traditional Armenian music reached from the roots. Author of the project Norayr Kartashyan. © 2014 Norayr Kartashyan