Artists: Jacqueline Sarkhoshyan and Rouben Muradyan
Title: Dream
Genre: Modern Ballet
Date: 11, 12 April 2013
Venue: K. Stanislavski Russian Drama Theatre of Yerevan
”Dream” ballet second performance on the same stage.
One-act ballet tells the story of a young artist who, in her search of the ideal, does not appreciate what she already has. A high level of professionalism of the ballet group of the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Spendiaryan and deep, powerful music of the doctor Eduard Hambartsoumian make you think that the medicine, perhaps, is also kind of art.
Sand animation by Artem Nerses (Moscow) on the stage screen was very impressive.
Participants: Jacqueline Sarkhoshyan, Rouben Muradyan and Arthur Gevorgyan,
Ballet group of A. Spendiaryan National Academic State Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Libretto and staging: Jacqueline Sarkhoshyan
Composer: Eduard Hambartsoumian
Sand Animation: Artyem Nerses
Arrangement: Vahan Nahapetyan
Costume Design: Anna Amasyan
Executive Producer: Thomas Martirosyan