"Love the work, not for the money, but for the work itself, and then it will feed you, it will bring joy to you".
"Energy produced by conscious work quickly transforms for future us, energy produce mechanically is lost forever".

G.I. Gurdjieff

TM Production is one of the leading music label in Armenia, since 2009. The main activity of our company is to organize concerts with different conceptions - classic, multi genre, charity, ballet, tours as well as corporate/events with brands.
We realize Audio and Video production initiatively from album recording, concert shooting, artist photo shoots, cover design, CD/DVD manufacturing to distribution.
The aim of the company is to present Armenian sacred, folk, classic, rock and jazz music. We collaborate with local artists and also organize booking of artists from abroad.
TM Production also implements several valuable projects.
Our team is presenting deservingly the Armenian culture not only in Armenia, but also beyond its borders.