Artist: Rouben Hakhverdyan
Album: For the Children from 0 to 100 Years Old
Genre: Author songs
Release Date: 27 June 2013
Packaging Style: Digipak
1. New Year
2. The Dwarf
3. The Dwarf 2
4. In Starlight Night Picture
5. Found Dream (Melody)
6. The Dawn Song
7. Ladybird
8. Monkey
9. Tsapik, Tsapik, Tsiranik
10. My Little Boat
11. Lullaby
12. Rainbow
13. Fairy Tale
14. And Exactly at Twelve O'clock

Running Time: 39:00 minutes

Rouben Hakhverdyan's album devoted to children with new and old songs originally released in 2012. All songs composed by Rouben Hakhverdyan except “Monkey”, ”Tsapik, Tsapik Tsirani” - “Sun-sun come, come”- “Quail Come Through the Blue Sea””(folk),“”My Little Boat” (music by Suren Gyulkhasyan). Arrangement by Narine Zarifyan and Rouben Hakhverdyan. © 2012 Rouben Hakhverdyan