Artist: Anahit Papayan
Album: Armenian Lullaby Jewels
Genre: Folk
Released: 8 September 2015
Packaging Style: Digipack with booklet
1. Van's Folk Lullaby
2. Talish's Lullaby
3. Kesab's Lullaby
4. Taron's Lullaby
5. Butanya's Lullaby
6. Sassoun's Lullaby
7. Talin's Lullaby
8. Akn's Lullaby
9. Lullaby
(music by Komitas, lyrics by Raphael Patkanian)
10. Lullaby of Mok’s Homeless Man
(music by Komitas)
11. Lullaby
(music by Komitas)
12. Folk Lullaby
(lyrics by Raphael Patkanian)
13. Lullaby
(music by Gagik Gegharik, lyrics by Gevorg Mehsyan)
14. Lullaby
(music by Romanos Melikian, lyrics traditional)
15. Birdie’s Lullaby
(music by Azat Manukyan, lyrics by Hovհannes Tumanyan)
16. Lullaby
(music by Susanna Galikyan, lyrics by Mkrtich Koryun)
17. Lullaby
(music by Barsegh Kanachyan, lyrics by Raphael Patkanian)
18. Lullaby
(music by Gevorg Armenyan, lyrics by Sarmen)
19. Lullaby
(music by Khachatur Avetisyan, lyrics by Lyudvig Duryan)
20. Lullaby
(music and lyrics by Robert Amirkhanyan)
21. Mother’s Lullaby
(music and lyrics by Stepan Lusikyan)

Running Time: 46:00 minutes

Lullaby is one of the ancient and most lively genres of Armenian traditional folk music heritage. This album contains ancient folk lullabies with amendments by Komitas and other highly merited musicians. Those lullabies introduce different historical regions of Armenia. Songs are presented without accompaniment (a’capella) since our aim is to bring the music and singing to pure ears of the newborn, which has been preserved through ages and has been passed to the child through mothers’ lips. Lullabies are performed by Anahit Papayan, a founder of “”Geghard””Vocal Ensemble. © 2015 Arevik CJSC and Grand Vardanyan