Artists: Vahagn Hayrapetyan and Daniel Kramer
Title: Live in Yerevan
Genre: Jazz
Date: 12 May 2013
Venue: Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall
Pianist Daniel Kramer and leader of Katuner Jazz Band Vahagn Hayrapetyan give concert in Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall. They were touring in different cities of Russian Federation in 2011-2012. The concert recording of Yekaterinburg performance was released in Armenia and presented during the concert ”Live in Armenia”.
They performed famous standards of jazz in a non-standard way. The concert included performances of the improvisation by Paul Desmond, Thelonious Monk, Stuart Gorrell, Vincent Youmans and other jazzmen.
“Vahagn was born to become a jazzman. I’m a classical musician who started playing jazz. I don’t play it like the “innate” jazzmen, and I don’t need to.” says Kramer, art-director of many Russian jazz festivals.
Two great jazz pianists performing a duet with two pianos facing each other on the stage made a great scene for the audience.

Executive Producer: Thomas Martirosyan
Sound Engineer: Karen Chilingaryan
Lighting Engineer: Karen Belubekyan